Bavarian-born and Toronto based – professional graphic designer with 10+ years of experience.

A-levels in design completed professional training as a media designer – main focus on conception and visualization – in Germany, and a Bachelor of Arts from the London Metropolitan University, UK. 


5 years of advertising agency experience, additionally several years in an offset and digital print house. Conception, visualization of print products, prepress, imposition, and print finishing and production are among my skills, which are met with professionalism and accuracy. Furthermore, the handling of WordPress and social media platforms is part of my repertoire.


New business enquires

luxurious, high-quality, minimalist, clear. Professional corporate branding comes from the HOUSE OF LIO. Together, we design and visualize the advertising presence your company deserves and I help you to achieve an outstanding corporate identity.
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Fine Art

The love and preference for black and white is especially reflected in my photography. Both digital and analog SLR photography have become an artistically significant part. Selected monochrome photographs are available for purchase in my shop ― all taken while traveling the world and with the never ending urge for wanderlust and restlessness.